russian pronouns


A pronoun is a word that substitutes a noun or a noun phrase.

он - he
она - she
они - they
его - his
её - her
их - theirs

In the Russian language, pronouns can be divided into several categories:

Personal Pronouns

I (я), you (ты), he (он), she (она), it (оно), we (мы), you (вы), they (они)

Possessive Pronouns

my or mine (мой), your or yours (твой), his (его), her or hers (её), our or ours (наш), your or yours (ваш), their or theirs (их) 4

The Reflexive Pronoun

себя - this pronoun can mean myself, himself, herself, ourselves, themselves, etc.

Demonstrative Pronouns

this (этот), that (тот)

Interrogative Pronouns

who (кто, который), what (что), which (какой, который), whose (чей)

Indefinite Pronouns

someone (кто-то), something (что-то), anyone (кто-нибудь), anything (что-нибудь)

Negative Pronouns

nobody (никто), nothing (ничто), nobody to (некого), nothing to (нечего), no (никакой, никакая, никакое, никакие), nobody's (ничей, ничья, ничьё, ничьи)


Let's have a look at them, their uses and their endings in more detail:

Personal Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns

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