russian personal pronouns


Personal pronouns are used to indicate a particular grammatical person - 1st person (I, we), 2nd person (you), or 3rd person (he, she, it, they).

The main difference between English and Russian Personal Pronouns is the fact that Russian ones decline and change their endings according to the case.

Please refer to the tables below.

Note: notice that the masculine and neuter 3rd person singular pronouns are the same in all cases but the Nominative case.

Personal Pronouns - Singular

Person 1st 2nd 3rd (m) 3rd (f) 3rd (n)
I you he she it
Nominative case я ты он она оно
Genitive case меня тебя его её его
Dative case мне тебе ему ей ему
Accusative case меня тебя его её его
Instrumental case мной тобой им ею им
Prepositional case мне тебе нём ней нём


Personal Pronouns - Plural

Person 1st 2nd 3rd
we you they
Nominative case мы вы они
Genitive case нас вас их
Dative case нам вам им
Accusative case нас вас их
Instrumental case нами вами ими
Prepositional case нас вас них


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