In this lesson we will be looking at the Russian alphabet.

The Russian alphabet uses letters from the Cyrillic script.

It consists of 33 letters. There are 10 vowels, 21 consonants and 2 signs.

But don’t get overwhelmed just yet. Read the letters and try to pronounce them out loud.

If you are having trouble with the letters, I have attached an audio file of the Russian alphabet below:

Shall we get started?

Аа аh as the a in art
Бб b as the b in book
Вв v as the v in vase
Гг g as the g in goat
Дд d as the d in dad
Ее yeh as the ye in yes
Ёё yoh as the yo in your
Жж zh as the s in leisure
Зз z as the z in zoo
Ии ee as the ee in feet
Йй y as the y in toy
Кк k as the k in tank
Лл l as the l in lock
Мм m as the m in mom
Нн n as the n in nest
Оо oh as the o in more
Пп p as the p in pirate
Рр r as the r in rock
Сс s as the s in song
Тт t as the t in time
Уу oo as the oo in balloon
Фф f as the f in foot
Хх h as the h in hard
Цц ts as the ts in boots
Чч ch as the ch in chance
Шш sh as the sh in show
Щщ soft sh as the sh in sheep
Ъъ hard sign has no sound
Ыы i as the i in still
Ьь soft sign has no sound
Ээ eh as the e in end
Юю yoo as the u in use
Яя ya as the ya in yard

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